Philosophy – Pura Olea Organic Olive Oils

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Finding wellness in harmony with nature

We believe food is wellness! 

Our vision is to relentlessly pursue inspiration from nature to bring you food options to nurture your body and soul. We start our mission by respecting the environment, treating it with kindness, and preserving its goodness.

Our philosophy is brought to life in the form of the bottle of PURA Olea organic olive oil you're holding!

Kind to trees, orchards, and our people

In many parts of the world, machines collect the olives from the trees by shaking up the whole body of the tree. We believe disturbing the peace of an olive tree is not a gentle way to act, so we have chosen an alternative - to hand-pick our olives, one at a time, by a group of amazing and passionate individuals. Nature is patient, calm, and diverse; we are inspired by it!


Pure goodness packed in organic olive oil

The journey of PURA Olea olives starts with the gentle touch of a caring hand and continues in small baskets that protect olives against getting crushed. The same day the olives are picked, they're moved from orchard hills to sea level for extraction with cold spring water. At the end of multiple extraction processes, we welcome the high-quality PURA Olea olive oils – olive oils that are full of nutrients such as vitamins E and K, antioxidant polyphenols, and diverse flavors. We then transfer olive oil batches to our custom-made barrels, where the pure essence of olive oil is sealed in to preserve all nutrients and antioxidants at their best.

Modern, chic and sleek bottle


PURA Olea glass bottles serve three primary purposes – preserve the goodness, present an exceptional kitchen experience and be considerate for the environment.Our bottle is tinted to just the right color and topped with cork to protect our organic olive oils from the adverse effects of sunshine and air. We believe we've found the most ergonomic bottle - lightweight and sleek- so easy on your hands. Our glass bottles are recyclable and reusable (i.e., vase) – we believe in environmentally friendly packaging. 


Purpose-driven and transparent

Our purpose is as pure as our name; to preserve the freshness of nature and enjoy continuity. We dedicate 1% of our profits to globally supporting educational science programs. We would like to contribute to raising science- and nature-savvy generations who will share our values.

We take transparency seriously so that all of our orchards and workshops are certified organic and traceable. Our commitment is to your wellness and well-being.

If you still haven't tried a bottle of PURA Olea, we would love for you to give it a taste!