"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"                                          - American Indian proverb


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I was searching for Climate Pledge friendly products on Amazon and that was the time I met PURA Olea. I decided to try it. After I tried it, I just checked their website to learn more about them. I had learned that they plant a tree for each customer. OMG, it was a great pleasure for me to know that I had just planted a tree while sitting at home! That's cool!
Christine S.
I am obsessed with sustainability. I care a lot to live green and always seek the products that serve it. I met with PURA olea at my friend's house. She told me their story and I was really impressed when I learned they are a carbon-negative company. The taste is also delicious. I have subscribed already! Thank you PURA olea for caring our nature!
Marina H.
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PREMIUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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  • Organic, USDA Certified low-acidity olive oil that is naturally high in polyphenols 
  • Made from gently cold-pressed, early harvest Aegean olives hand-picked on the same day to preserve their maximum nutritional efficacy 
  • No additives, flavorings, or processing; just pure olive oil as nature intended 
  • Environmentally-friendly: sustainably harvested and delivered from the source to your door in an eco-friendly, non-plastic container 
  • Ideal for salad mixes, cooking with vegetables and marinating meat and fish to enrich flavor
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